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Forecast Rollups limited unlimited unlimited
LGAN Data Processing Support no no quote
Multiple spans per booking (e.g. pre-trial, sentenced) no no $199 / yr
Technical Support (annual) 30-day free 30-day free $199 / yr
Population Adjustment coming soon
Compare multiple forecasts (e.g. Hi/Lo) coming soon
Forecast Overlays (e.g. Contract, State, Fed, etc.) coming soon
Additional Analytic Tools no no quote

Upload inmate admissions and release records

Data Delivery. Delivering your data to Jail4cast.com is the first step in creating your population forecasts. Depending on your preference, you may arrange to have scheduled updates delivered directly to Jail4cast.com from your data system or you may manually initiate electronic dataset uploads directly to the site. Manually updating an existing dataset with new data is a one-click action.

Data Elements. Jail4cast.com requires relatively little information to support a forecast. The basic structure is one record per jail booking that contains a unique record identifier, booking date, release date and three additional variables that characterize the stay in jail. For jails desiring flexibility to disaggregate stays into segments (e.g., time spent pre-trial vs. sentenced), one record per stay segment is required. The three additional variables are broadly categorized as Location, Demographics, and Charge/Status. The content of these variables are determined by you.

Instructions. Detailed instructions are available when using the application. Please contact us with any questions.

Set forecast assumptions for various jail population subgroups

Jail4cast.com offers users a unique and intuitive interface for developing forecasts for each jail population subgroup. For each population subgroup, using built-in statistical calculations on historical data and local knowledge of current and future policy scenarios, the user estimates the future trajectory of both monthly jail admissions (ADM) and average length of stay (ALOS). This is accomplished by interacting with the ADM and ALOS forecast graphs. ADM and ALOS are multiplied to give an estimate of the monthly average daily population (ADP). Forecast assumptions for ADM and ALOS and the resulting impact on ADP are continuously displayed on the interactive screen:

Assumption setting interface.

With subgroup population forecasts set, a variety of rolled-up totals become available as well. Local population data can be added to accommodate local demographic change to the forecast results.